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For Week 2, Assignment 2: Museum and 4 Personal Objects-Part 1, Contour Drawing (2/4)

  HOMEWORK* DUE WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1 TO DO: 1. STUDY VOCABULARY and apply: ORIENTATION/DIRECTION, PROXIMITY, SCALE, NUMBER, ALTERATION, REPETITION, PROPORTION, AXIS, FOCAL POINT and CLOSURE 2 Create 3-5 thumbnails done in your sketchbook which include compositions incorporating all five objects (4 personal objects and the museum object) to help you choose … Continue reading

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-See examples of past student work by your classmates! -Open figure drawings sessions begin this Friday. Use the sessions for skill development, extra practice, an enjoyable experience or extra credit. Bring your own drawing supplies. Please do not bring markers or … Continue reading

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For Week 2, Assignment 2: Metropolitan Museum Visit – Self-Portrait Through the Observation of Personal Objects (1/30)

(The following is a long post. Please read all the way to the bottom to obtain needed information to start on the next assignment, due on Monday) We will visit the Metropolitan Museum ON MONDAY to prepare for the next … Continue reading

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Welcome to our Drawing/Imaging: People blog!

1. Read the “Using this blog” post and… 2. the post for the next assignment under this post “Week 1: Assignment 1 cont.“ USING THIS BLOG WEEKLY IS A REQUIRED LEARNING TOOL FOR STUDENTS TO HAVE AS PART OF THIER PREPARATION AND … Continue reading

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For Week 1, Assignment 1: Gesture Drawing Continued (Weds., 1/25)

TO DO: *Please send me an image of your past work via email I will post your examples under “Past Student Work.“  Here is the gesture handout from class if you need a copy TO BRING: 1. Bring back the supplies used … Continue reading

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