For Week 2, Assignment 2: Metropolitan Museum Visit – Self-Portrait Through the Observation of Personal Objects (1/30)

(The following is a long post. Please read all the way to the bottom to obtain needed information to start on the next assignment, due on Monday)
We will visit the Metropolitan Museum ON MONDAY to prepare for the next assignment. Location: Fifth Ave. at 81-82nd Trains: take the 4,5, or 6 trains to 86th (see the link to Metropolitan Museum website on the right). Please have money on your MetroCard to avoid delays.
You can study this museum map to choose your drawing location ahead of time.

(TWO SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENTS Bring the same sketchbook with you to draw at the Museum and to show me your homework inside. The sketchbook which came in your kit is the small black book with blank pages. Canson 180 Degree Hardbound Sketchbook, 80 sheets, size = 8.3″x11.7″.
You can work in this one or another of your choice.

1. a. Two gesture drawings in the sketchbook and (The gesture drawings can be in any style/technique we practiced in class, please label the method). 
b. Three contour drawings in white line on black paper of friends or any object your choose. Examples are here and on the handout I gave you in class. Please use the black paper and white drawing tool I handed you in class. Return the white pen or pencil to me (Due on Monday)

2. MOmA online assignment Click on MOmA Online Interactive Exhibition to the right. Read about and go through the first study of line “Surface Tension.” Choose a work you think best exemplifies your use, preference, and definition of a line. Write a short review and create your own drawing influenced by your choice in your sketchbook. Examples are here. (Due on Monday)

1. Sketchbook, digital camera if you have one and drawing materials listed on the handout for the museum visit.
 The other materials listed on the assignment sheet (sharpies, Bristol board, etc.) will be used to complete the assignment but not during the next class. We will use them in the following Wednesday class. Print out and bring the (assignment sheet) with you to the MuseumSee sample student work on the bottom/last page of assignment sheet. Read the project description carefully and study the examples.

2Bring in a photo of 4 personal objects from home/dorm that say something about you (they should be of small to medium size, somewhat easy to carry, three-dimensional and contain complex shapes). You will bring and use these objects in a composition along with the museum piece when you come in the next class, (Wednesday) after the museum visit. I need to see them on Monday first. The objects should reflect you individually (for example your jewelry, ornaments, favorite objects, family heirloom, etc.) 
This project is a self-portrait through the exploration of personal objects.

Please see the link to Digital Reference Handouts above for location and hours re help desk for your computer issues.
Please be sure to have Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat on your computer.
Also, upgrade your computer to the requirements I discussed with you when checking your computers.

***No need to bring your computer to our next class.

Let me know if you have any questions. See you in class!

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