Assignment 3: Mark Making and Pattern Dude (3/1)

IN CLASS Wednesday: Learn more aspects of Illustrator to complete the Baroque Pattern Dude Coloring Book Project. **Be sure to bring all materials listed on the bottom of this post which includes your computer.

pattern examples

Example for creating a pattern: 1. Choose a pattern (Italian-Florentine) 2. Create your own swatch version as a drawing  3. Use it as a template in Illustrator 4. Create a greyscale Illustrator drawing 5. Try to create a different version of some of the patterns. (Create at least one version of seven different patterns) Swatches are small portions of the final pattern.

HOMEWORK due Wednesday
1. Scan drawings you made of swatches from your sketchbook of the seven cultural patterns. Be sure they are from seven different cultures. Some of you have already completed the seven drawings, some of you need to create your drawings from the swatches you printed out.  These drawings/sketches should be small portions of the original patterns you found. They also should be your interpretations.

2.Start most of your figure drawing in pen, try to complete it. If you do, scan it into your computer as a jpeg, 300dpi. Transfer it over to white bristol paper if you drew the original version on Newsprint.
You can work with me online via email if you need me to help you with corrections between classes on your figure drawing.
If you prefer to complete the inking in Illustrator, you can do that as well.
You can finalize the figure in pen during the first 1/2 hour of class. Have it scanned no matter what stage it is in.

3. Create images you would like to appear on the other three pages of your coloring book. (One will include the figure drawing). You will combine these pages with those in your group. Each person in the group will create four pages in total. Try to contact people in your group to go over what images will appear in your coloring book.

4. Look at examples of patterns and of patterns applied to figure drawing on the Student References page.

1. sketchbook with assigned drawings.
2. The figure drawing from Monday in its finished state. 
2. Study the examples and instructions on 
assignment sheet to be prepared for class.
3. Your computer. 

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