Continuation of Pattern Dude Coloring Book Project for Monday, 3/6


Above is an example to review for your homework assignment due in its final state, this coming Monday. Keep your original Illustrator document made up of your pattern designs. Do not get rid of it and change it to a jpeg document.

TAKE THE TIME TO THOROUGHLY READ THE POST BELOW ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM. USE the notes you took during class to apply tools and techniques I introduced, along with the handouts and video links below to help you complete the project.
IMPORTANT!!! Only create the patterns, line drawing for the figure and three other pages of the coloring book. DO NOT PLACE THE PATTERNS INTO ANY OF THE LINES DRAWINGS UNTIL I GO OVER THE SPECIFICS IN CLASS. You don’t want to have to start again.

grey to white
If your image is too gray in the background, you can correct it in Photoshop before placing it as a template
 into Illustrator (as we did in class.) This small task is the ONLY part of the project that should be completed in Photoshop. All of the rest of the project should be done in Illustrator.

Homework for Monday, March 6
a. Finish the 7 Pattern drawings in one Illustrator document, use seven layers, one for each pattern. Save the document as (patterns_student Draw from your designs inspired by the patterns you found. Create, name and save all swatches in your swatch pallet. Use the template I provided to you and have the swatches showing the original portion of the pattern (swatch) you drew in Illustrator neatly placed next to the square with the patterns filled in. Use type to label the swatches with the names of the cultures you chose. 
b. In a separate document, have the figure drawing scanned and placed in Illustrator. Complete the Illustrator line drawing.  8.5″x11″  (letter) sized paper (Pattern_Dude_Student Do not add in the patterns.
c. Hand draw the templates for the remaining three drawings in your sketchbooks. Scan, save the jpegs, place them and create separate documents for each in Illustrator. Draw on the template using Illustrator, if you choose. 8.5″x11″ (letter) sized paper. Save each as (Pattern (Name)_Your Name_di_sp17.aDo not add in the patterns.

2. View the Digital Reference Videos posts on the bottom of the page for the rotation tool and making a simple pattern (importantWatch this video all the way through. In the video, it tells you how to reduce your patterns, so they show up smaller in scale and other info as well.

4. View the Digital Reference Handouts on the bottom, on using the reflect tool, creating and saving swatches.

5View the Student References examples

6. Ask me if you have questions no matter what and when

ILLUSTRATOR TOOLS:  Use pen, pencil, selections, shapes, curvature, brush, Pathfinder, Shapebuilder, rotate, reflect, regular brushes, created brushes, line variation, blob brush, brush, swatches, blend, gradient, variable width and more.
Create patterns with solid gray or black backgrounds, a variety of gray lines, a variety of line thicknesses in one design, gradients, etc. Create variety.

Get as far as you can. If you get stuck, ask me questions and send me your ai file to review. I will also help you during class on Monday, but you have to have the homework completed. 

Additional Reference:
 ****Go to the Digital References Handouts posts and find these links on the bottom- (review) #11-12 on Reflect Tool,  Making Swatches (all very helpful)

Go to the Digital References Videos posts and find videos on the bottom for Rotation Tool and Using and Creating Swatches, using, changing and creating your own and Making, Scaling, Copying, Saving, Filling and Editing a Pattern (A MUST SEE!!) Watch this video (linked on the blog) all the way through. In the video, it tells you how to reduce your patterns, so they show up smaller in scale along with other editing possibilities for your created pattern.

See you Monday!

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