Continuation of Pattern Project-Applying Color (3/8)


1. Complete the Illustrator drawings of all your patterns.
2. Complete the Illustrator drawing of your Pattern Dude.
3. Complete as much as you can on the 3 additional pages for your coloring book.
4. Study the step-by-step document attached. I have added 2 pages. Steps 5 and 6 show you how to save the patterns to your swatch pallet. Step 16 and beyond show you how to pull the patterns into all of your other documents.
5. Work with your group to create a cohesive book. 
6. Save 10 documents, which include your hand drawings, into your Drive folder. See the specific, detailed instructions on the bottom of the last page in the step-by-step document for saving and naming your documents before placement in the Drive. 
7. Put perforations on each of your coloring book pages. Place them 1/2 inch (not 1 inch) from the left edge of your page to give yourself more room for your image. All members of your group should have the same placement on each page. See screenshot below.

View the Digital Reference Handouts on the bottom  for painting with strokes or pattern strokes: Using the Blob Brush Tool

ILLUSTRATOR TOOLS and TECHNIQUES taught in our last class:  Pencil, watercolor brush, charcoal brush, pattern brush, making your own brush, blob brush, variable line width, eraser tool, creating patterns with solid gray or black backgrounds, a variety of gray lines, a variety of line thicknesses in one design, making patterns, sizing patterns, saving patterns, bringing patterns into a new document, using the Multiply option to expose lines hidden under a pattern.

Computer with completed documents

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