Final Critique of the Pattern Coloring Book Project, 3/15

Needless to say, you are all producing very successful coloring books. They were great to see! Your hard work is paying off. As a reward, I will bring snacks to our next class.

Arrive on time to avoid holding up the rest of the class! If you do not attend the mini-crit and final crit, your individual grade will suffer.
1. Students will present their individual parts of the project.
2. Students will present their coloring books as a group. Each member will speak about one thing, such as a particular aspect of making the book, theme, title, working together as a group, the part of the book they created, changes made, problems they faced. 

1. Make sure each and every page of your coloring book has been revised, printed and submitted to me before I bind the books.
If you updated a page that is to go into the book, it should be emailed to me separately so that I can see it easily. I need the revisions right away. Nothing should be sent to me after Tuesday, 5 pm. 

2. Finish the color patterns.

3. Finish the color version of the Pattern Dude. All students have to submit this version even if it did not go into the coloring book.

4. Finalize your proposal and submit it to me via email so that I can see it easily.

5. Finalize your individual reference page. Include photos and web addresses.

6. Put each and every part of the book into the Drive folder I made for you. Let me know if you create an updated version by calling it “2nd version”.

1. Everything printed out ahead of time. You learned from our last class that you have to allow enough time. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PRINT DURING CLASS.

2. During the crit, you will need to show your drawings you made by hand for the patterns, Pattern Dude, other 3 pages of the book, cover and back cover.

3. During the crit, you will need to show your drawings made in Illustrator. The images include black and white patterns, black and white Pattern Dude (with more patterns applied than the version in the book), color patterns (with your pallet of harmony colors placed on the same page), Pattern Dude in color, and anything else you want to add.

4. During the crit, you will also need to show your reference and sketchbooks. 

*If you have any questions about the homework or need help completing a part of your Illustrator drawings let me know by Tuesday night.

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