Final Step to Complete for the Coloring Book Project, due Friday, March 17


Complete this task by Friday, March 17th at the latest.
I am not giving you homework over the break so complete it before the break.

  1. Submit all color, black and white documents with any needed corrections from suggestions given to you during the crit yesterday by tomorrow, Friday, March 17th. Let me know when you do so and that you have placed the corrected Illustrator documents in your individually assigned folder for me to find easily. You can email the revised documents as well.
  2. Post the Pattern Project and its parts on your Learning Portfolio by tomorrow, Friday, March 17th. Let me know when you do
    a. Visuals can include:
    A picture of your book, jpegs of all the pages you created individually, your pattern dude with patterns in both black and white and color. Your swatch documents in color and black and white, stages of making the project, your sketches.

    b. Reflection and writing can include:
    Title of your book
    What is the project about?  (such as pattern making in Illustrator, color, research, and working as a group to create a coloring book)
    What did you learn on your own? (A bit of detail on how you used illustrator. The application methods and experimentation) 
    What part did you take in the group project? (how did you come up with your concepts? Did you create the cover? How did you decide the order of the pages? How did you merge styles and pages together?)
    How was working in the group an enjoyable and learning process?

    Were you the organizer or did you take over a particular role?
    Did the experience help your organizational skills?
    How did you feel in the end after you saw the complete product?

    What did you learn from the critique and did you make changes?

    Will you continue anything from the project in the future?

I will put another post on by Thursday letting you know about our new project and what to bring to our next class.

Have a great break!


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