Assignment 5: Analytical Study of the Torso (Wednesday, March 29)

CHARCOAL PENCILS, CONTE STICKS and MID-TONED PAPER. YOU WILL NEED THEM AGAIN TO WORK IN CLASS THIS WEDS. ***Bring your compressed charcoal, Conte’ sticks ( if you have them) vine charcoal and kneaded eraser to class. You want to use what you have already purchased.
Buy a piece of medium gray or medium beige charcoal or pastel paper or use the one I gave you Monday.

Bring your sketchbook in for mid-term grading.


1. Create 3 or more studies for your Planar head project in your sketchbook for practice. You will be submitting your sketchbook to me during Wednesday’s class for mid-term grading.
2. Use tracing paper over the portrait you worked on in class to compose your planar aspect of the drawing before placing it in the final version due Monday.

OPTIONS: a. Complete one drawing as instructed. OR b. You can finish your portrait in the way you would like the outcome to be and then create a second version as the assigned planar drawing.

2. Review the previous drawings done of the analytical head project you started in class today on the Student References page. There you will have many examples of past solutions for the project to inspire you. Also, review the top of the Class Lecture page for different references I showed you in class. You can show me how far you got for feedback on Wednesday. The finished version of this project is due on Monday.

 See you Wednesday!

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