Assignment 6: Analysis of the Figure in Space: A New Perspective, for Weds. (4/5)

We will meet in our classroom on Wednesday and not at the Library.

Please read this post all the way to the bottom to make sure you are completing the homework correctly and bringing in all of the supplies (from your Materials kit) that you will need to complete the in-class exercise assignmentsContact me if anything is confusing.

(No need to bring your laptop to class next time)
: Transfer your acetate perspective drawing started at the Library onto your drawing paper. (Use a page from your large drawing pad you brought with you to the library). To transfer, use either tracing paper or place your acetate on a window during the daytime. Put your good drawing paper on top and trace the image onto the page by using the window as a lightbox. Complete the drawing enough for a mini-critique. You are not finished with it yet, so it does not have to be finalized and should only be in graphite for now. Please don’t put in lines that are too dark to allow for corrections, however; we should be able to see your drawing clearly from a bit of distance. Draw with a ruler, t-square, and triangle and keep the drawing clean and precise. See the handouts from last class (size of the drawing: 11×14″ or 11×17″, larger is fine).

***I encourage you to try and place a person into your drawing and to draw it in as a silhouette outline for the mini-crit. Keep the figure(s) very light. Look at placement instructions in the images above. More than likely you will have to make changes in scale and placement after the crit. You will be working on the project after the critique.

1. Establish the eye-level vanishing point on your drawing before you come to class and place the dot. Complete the first steps of the drawing in pencil, decide what medium you would like to use for the finish after corrections are made in class. Let us know during the crit. (do not use the medium only pencil for Weds or you will have to start over). Again, for now, keep the drawing workable, and open to change. Don’t place lines in that can not be altered/erased. Help will be given with placement of the figure and correct measurements in the drawing.

2. Create two or more figure studies for the people you will be placing in your perspective drawing. Draw them carefully in your sketchbook. Have fun with them, however, try for accuracy.

1. Perspective terminology on the vocabulary page
2. Student References You will find some playful use of figures and a variety of media.

perspective drawing materials

Perspective drawing materials

1. Please bring back the plexiglass sheets you borrowed from me along with the two small clips and one large clip. All have to be returned.
2. Don’t forget your large drawing pad AND the drawing on acetate you started on Monday*The acetate should still be clipped to the plexiglass.
1. See top of attached handout for materials list. You don’t have to bring color pencils. (link)
You will also find the list of terms you are to study for the pop quiz. 
2. In addition to the pencil, eraser, ruler, t-square, and triangle we will be using a compass. (bring it if you have one)
3. The original acetate drawing.
4. Tracing paper for an in-class exercise.
5. Please bring the best photograph you took with the view you had at the Library printed out for comparison during the critique. Please be sure to print it out. We need to see it beyond the image on your phones.
6. Sketchbook

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