Assignment 6: FINAL CRITIQUE. Perspective Drawing with Figures and Grid (DUE this Monday, 4/10)

 You are working hard and achieving great results! I was pleased to see your progress.(You may have an hour or so to make corrections in class on Monday as well, but only if the project is almost finished in its final medium and ready to hand in.)
Use your new handouts on making the perspective grid and placing people in perspective space handed to you on Wednesday to complete the problem-solving aspects of the assignment.

(Bring back your photo of the interior space, sketchbook, acetate, and any preparatory drawings) If you have an old and new version of your drawing, bring them both for comparison.
Ruler, t-square, triangle, compass, pencils, eraser to work with for the first part of the class.

Critical not to miss the class, even if you are not quite finished or the final grade will be reduced.
Be sure the drawing is neatly presented, with precision and not creased or folded.
 Click on this image and it will open on a very large scale to help you complete one of your grid exercises.

1. Complete your perspective drawing shown in progress last week.
A. Include suggestions for corrections we made during class on Wednesday.
B. Include the silhouette or outline of one or more people in your interior drawing
. You can use the drawings of the models you made in class or have someone pose for you, so the figure is accurate. If you have doubts about the scale or proportions, leave them unfinished so that I can help you. However, complete the rest of the drawing.
C. 1. Do the grid homework exercise on your worksheet with the four rectangles. 
    2. Do the grid exercise on the second set of handouts directly in your sketchbook.

D. You can include an aspect of the grid either on the floor, ceiling or another area of the final drawing. You don’t have to place the grid everywhere. If you are not sure it is working correctly, put the grid on a tracing paper overlay.
E. If applicable and desired, you can change an element to something you prefer to draw. (such as a background on the wall in front of you, type of door, ceiling lights).

Again, the perspective drawing should be almost finished in your final chosen medium, fine tuned and ready for handing in. See student examples of perspective rendered drawings with the figure. There will be a formal critique.

2. Study the perspective drawing vocabulary. Use your words to define the vocabulary. Please review the top sheet of your set of in-class handouts with terms.

****Feel free to email me a photo of your drawing for feedback.

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