Assignment 7: Foreshortened Figure and Chiaroscuro (4/12)


1. Work more on the Transparency: A New Perspective Drawing assignment to make corrections. (Show me your progress on Wednesday. If more work is needed, it is due Monday at latest.) I will need to show those who I promised to help with their grids how to do so on Wednesday.

2. Study the handout, so you know what is going on ahead of time (Attached, click here).
Look over the Student References page for the foreshortened figure assignment to be done in class.

3. Please review this figure drawing reference (PDF linked here) You will need three pages, from pages 86-88 only to use in class for drawing and measuring the figure. You will be using the examples on foreshortened figure drawing. It is an important time to have the handout in front of you as you will be reading and following the examples in class. I will not print it out for you.

1. Sketchbook (critical to remember)
2. All drawing materials listed on assignment sheet:
-Medium beige, gray, blue, green, or rust color charcoal or pastel paper
-Pastel pencils, color chalk (any color) and white chalk/pencil, charcoal sticks and charcoal pencils

You can share or borrow chalk from me. However, bring the ones you have.

NOTE: If you would rather work in color or another medium such as pen and ink, etc., please use anything you choose.

You will have a long-term pose drawing from 2 models.
 See reference samples of foreshortened and chiaroscuro figures on the last page of assignment sheet.


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