Assignment 8: Audible Montage Narrative (4/17)

*****Study the TO DO portion of the post as well as the TO BRING part of the post located at the bottom.

1. Hand in the completed perspective drawing assignment. Please include the process materials (final due date is Monday or grade will be a lot lower). If you choose to include it on your Learning Portfolio as an example of your analog drawings, here is a Reference

 Complete seven foreshortened figure studies in your sketchbook.  You can use the pdf document sent to you via email on Thursday for instructions and models for your drawings. If you have any more of the color paper, you can use it for your sketches and stick the pieces in your sketchbook.  (final due date is Monday or you will not receive credit).

Click here for step-by-step process shown above and fabric reference by other artists (assignment sheet-modeling drapery )
Hand in three cloth drawings on toned paper using black chalk or color and white for highlights.  Be sure to include the color of the paper into the drawing. The cloth is of your choosing but should be white for the sake of the drawing technique. (final due date Monday).
NOTE: Choose either the cloth drawings or the foreshortened figure drawings, you do not have to do both unless you need or want extra credit.

3. Study the handout for Monday, so you know what is going on ahead of time (Attached, click here).

4. Review examples of Photoshop montage projects (Student References)

1. IMPORTANT: One item of choice to use as a reference for your color pencil drawing. In short, you will use the color pencil drawing to start to form a single frame narrative based on a favorite song or written story. I will explain more in class. However, you can have a peek at some examples of the drawings, watercolors, and applications in the past Photoshop projects. This may help you choose your object. (Student references)

2. Materials: Colored pencils (in red, yellow and blue),  Strathmore drawing paper (you can bring two sheets from the pad in your kit), watercolors (in redyellow and blue), brushes, pallet (if you have them), HB graphite pencil and eraser.

3. Sketchbook

If you have any questions, please let me know via email. Thanks! See you in class.

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