Read all homework instructions under “TO DO” and “TO BRING ” in the post under this one.

Under “TO BRING” It is very important to think about the song, musical group or story you would like to interpret in your next project.
****You will have to bring one simple element to draw from, or you won’t be prepared at all with anything to work on during class tomorrow

1. Imagery that brings to mind the band Chain Smokers through the album Collage or Bouquet or their song ‘New York City.’
2. Jeff Buckley’s, ‘Hallelujah.’
3. ‘Yellow Submarine’ or merged songs by the Beatles
4. Bob Dylan’s ‘Like a Rolling Stone.’
5. Something from the Dark Materials trilogy of fantasy novels which includes: The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spy.

***Again look at Student References to see examples for your final Photoshop project and the post below.

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