Assignment 8: Audible Montage Narrative (4/24)

Alaiyo-Edible Object project

Edible Montage Narrative_Alaiyo_di_su15 COMPOSITION: Used texture background, color pencil drawing, watercolor painting, high res photos from the internet. PHOTOSHOP: (SELECTIONS): magnetic lasso tool, quick selection tool and magic wand tool (GRADIENT TOOL) (TRANSFORM MENU): scale, warp (ADJUSTMENT LAYERS): vibrancy, hue/saturation, color balance (BLENDING MODES): multiply, luminosity (TRANSPARENCIES) (LAYER STYLE): outer glow

(Link to images by famous traditional collage artists appear on the Class Lecture Page).

Create these folders on your desktop and place all that you have into the appropriate place.

Have all of the following ready, so you are prepared to start and complete the assignment during our next class.
1. Finish and 
scan the watercolor painting of your the hand (you can watch the video of the painting demo I showed in class on the Class Lecture page further down on the page.) Finish and scan the color pencil image. Bring both originals to class for my review. The images should be saved as 300dpi jpeg files and placed under your project file/into your Scans/Drawing/Painting folder.
2. Gather 5 or more high-resolution photos only from the internet or your personal images (If you are taking from the internet search in Google images, click on search tools to the right, then click on size, select larger than, then 1024 x 768).  Save them into your project file/Internet-Personal Photos folder.
3. Use one of the nine background textures
from the file I shared with you via the drive or find your own texture background. Save it into your Aubidle Montage Narrative/Background Texture folder.You can use any texture of your choosing.
4. ***Look at all 7 of my short project how-to tutorial videos in Digital Reference Videos. They will cover and clarify the parts of the project as you follow each of the tools and techniques. You can use the images I shared with you for practice. (use headphones)
5. You can also review other Photoshop Digital Reference Videos and Digital Reference Handouts ahead of time to understand the project steps.
See Digital Reference Handoutsreview and utilize #1-4 on bitmap vs. vector, selections, and tools
See Digital Reference Videos(under the ones I made) review and utilize #1-6 on layers, adjustments, blending, backgrounds, layer masks, image size dialogue box.

We will go over things more in class, but you also need to review some elements ahead of time. This project is a larger portion of your grade.
6. Look at the Student References, to see project examples of more watercolored hands, objects in color pencil, and Photoshop montage finals.

1. Have your computer with chosen photos, textures, original painting and drawing

***Do not start on any of the Photoshop aspects of the project before class.

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