You can re-watch the 25th Anniversary of PSD commercial I showed in class on our Class Lecture page. (link)
(See homework post below)

HOMEWORK TO COMPLETE FOR CRITIQUE OF THE PHOTOSHOP PROJECT next Monday. Read all the way to the bottom of the post to be fully prepared:

(Alaiyo’s project and examples of what you can include in your presentation)

Student wall set-ups

You can put up your title, lyrics or excerpt from your story as well.

-As you work on your PSD project, use the videos referred to in the last posts and the handout I gave you in class on Monday or Wednesday to follow the steps. Use the handout to check off and review the steps as you place them in your project. The steps are also in the post below. Make notes of what you used to make an element work the way you wanted it to come out so you won’t forget during the crit. Be sure you know the names of the tools and processes.
-Think concept/single frame narrative, visual readability, scale, color and utilize all of the Photoshop techniques required.
-Make sure you have good, clean selections. Clean up ragged edges on the layer mask using the brush tool, not the eraser tool to paint in and out the pixels.

1. Finalize your Photoshop montage project document. Keep it as a PSD file. Make another PDF version for printing.
2. Put all of the 5-7 original or internet photos you used in one document and create a page to print out.
3. Make the two prints  (before class not during), 
4. Place the PSD montage document and the photograph document(s) along with the jpeg versions of your watercolor and image into your”Montage Narrative” google drive folder so that I can grade all parts.
5. Create a post for the project on your Learning Portfolio complete with the steps within the project and written reflection and visual process.

TO BRING: To hand in and for critique/presentation
1. Have your computer to show the document for comparison and to play your song as you present.
2. Original watercolor painting.
3. Print out of the two final Photoshop montages in tabloid size, 11×17″.
4. One or two print outs of all the photos you used. 

***Come prepared to share your Photoshop process, tools, reasons for choices. Explain your well thought out concept/narrative during the crit. You can play the music from your chosen song on your computer.
(here are a set of questions to help you prepare).

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