Assignment 9: Template Driven Final (Wednesday, 5/3)

TO DO for Wednesday:
1. Use the xeroxed template theme given to you in class as a starting point to drive the direction you take with your project.
Here is the document where you can scroll down to see all of the templates.

2Create 4-6 images in your sketchbook based on the template theme to make a series combining any materials. You will have two or more images in the end.
-You can use the actual template image as a “frame” or part of your final drawing, but you don’t have to do so.
-The size is determined by you as is the combination of materials.

3. Please type out a short proposal with information to include:
The concept, materials, research, class reference and final presentation.
Example:  written proposal (you can click on this example and use it as a reference or template to place in your own text and photos of sketches). All categories should be addressed.
You can also create your version by putting it in the form of a very accurate and descriptive list. Please type it out (not hand-written), and post it on your Learning Portfolio.


-Be sure to place the Audible Montage Narrative Photoshop project with all its parts in your Google Drive folder by Wednesday.
-Be sure to place a post for the Audible Montage Narrative Photoshop on your Learning Portfolio by Wednesday. I will be using your post to grade the project.

Come to class with 4-6 concept sketches for the final in your sketchbook, typed out proposal, computer and other materials you plan to use so that you can work on the project during the entire class.

Use this project to summarize the learning outcomes from the class
In other words, combine drawing and digital imagining to show how you can put in place aspects of what you have learned from the class. (sketchbook process drawings, watercolor painting, charcoal, Conte, color pencil, and ink drawing/painting, collage, figure studies, color theory, perspective, Photoshop and Illustrator techniques, etc.)

Use as many materials and methods as you want
For example:
You can create a series of images using collage, InDesign, and bookmaking
You can create another montage in Photoshop using your hand drawings, sketchbook drawings, your own photos and another reference
You can use 3D elements with painting, digital and …
You can paint or stencil on fabric to create a wearable object
You can use drawings and patterns with color in Illustrator

-or create other combinations.

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