Assignment 9, Template Driven Final: (Weds., 5/10)

1. Have 50-70% of the project complete for your desk/small group crit.
**Remember the final is 15% of your grade and should be one of the best projects you have produced. Time, effort, complexity and creativity are important.
2. Work in your sketchbook and bring it in for final grading.
3. Complete all required posts on your Learning Portfolio before coming to class. (last chance)
4. Complete your course evaluations before coming to class. (Thanks to those who have already done so).

1. All parts of the project that you have finished and the parts you are working on. I need to see it all ahead of time.
2. All materials needed to complete your final project. 
3. Sketchbook for final grading. This is the last review.

I will be handing back your projects if you can carry it all.

Please let me know if you require any help in the meantime via email.

I look forward to seeing your progress!

About Alaiyo Bradshaw

Assistant Professor First-Year Course Coordinator, Drawing the Figure, Drawing the Imagination Parsons The New School for Design First-Year Course Coordinator, Drawing/Imaging, Drawing Skills Indian School for Design and Innovation (ISDI) Parsons Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Professional editorial and children's book Illustrator
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