Assignment 9 (final critique) Template Driven Final

1. Finalize your project for the critique that will begin at the start of class. 
2. Put your final project documents, all of the original drawings or paintings, digital files (in the AI or PSD format not just as jpegs) and referenced images used, into your google drive/final project folder for archive and grading purposes.
3. Post project on Learning Portfolio

This project is 15% of your final grade, so make it your best. If you are not present for the crit, you will fail the project.

Also, please review the grading policy for the class.
Note, that two or more absences result in a reduced grade.

Grading of the project
Remember, I am looking for at least two complex parts to your projects, the amount/number of techniques you use from the class and others, how you use them, your composition, color usage, concept, image quality, digital application, hand drawing or painting application, and an excellent presentation.
Prepare by looking at the following linked document which contains questions to help you get ready for the verbal aspect.

(LINK: notes to students about the day and final critique prep)

1. Yourselves
2. All materials used to create the final, original artwork, reference, final project, and computer
3. Sketchbook to show in your final presentation
4. Food, drink, etc. you put on the list to bring for our parting party

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