For Week 3, Assignment 2: Contour Drawing Continued (2/5)

Alaiyo-sharpie and micron pen contour drawing

Sharpie and micron pen contour drawing of objects with reflection and transparency.

1. Please complete the graphite drawing(s) of the four personal objects with the Brooklyn Museum sculpture added to the composition and narrative. In other words, you now have five objects in total. Finalize the image in pencil lines to show at the beginning of class. Use a sharp HB-2H pencilUse accurate drawing and precise lines. How will you tie the elements together? Proximity, style, subject matter, narrative? Try using an imaginative interpretation, such as wrapping things around each other, making the sculpture tiny and other objects surrealistically huge. Challenge yourself. The paper size should be no smaller than 8 1/2 x 11″. Any size larger is ok as is the shape of the paper.
You will have the total class time on Monday to finish the ink portion of the

2. Use the examples of previous versions of the assignment on the Student References page for inspiration. You don’t have to create a crowded page but do consider the white of the paper so that it is balanced and does not dominate the space. For example, have things run off the page so they are not too contained. Turn elements upside down or repeated in different sizes.
3. Study the gestalt vocabulary that applies to Contour drawing which is indicated next to the terms.

4. Study the assignment sheet. (linked in the post for last Monday’s class).

1. Please bring the materials listed on the assignment sheet from last class (different sized sharpies from your kit, Bristol board paper with pencil drawing completed, sketchbook, pencils, etc.) You can bring in other pens such as microns and ones with gray ink. They will be used to complete the ink portion of the assignment in the classroom. No need to bring in Newsprint.
2. Bring in the actual four personal objects from home/dorm. Please don’t rely on photos of the objects. 

No need to bring your computer, next class.
Any questions for clarity, don’t hesitate to ask.

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