Week 3, Assignment 2: Exploration Through Sculpture and Personal Objects-Part 2, Positive/Negative Drawing (2/7)

Please read and follow all instructions below
1. Finish and bring in the hand-drawn contour pen image (you can take a photo as well) you worked on during our last class.
2. Create 3-5 quick thumbnail sketches to get ideas for the positive-negative part of the assignment. Please use the same objects as you did for the contour drawing. (see the Student References page for examples). Consider a different arrangement from your contour drawing to suit the positive-negative technique. Try out the concept the best you can. We will discuss it in detail during class.
3. Go to the Digital Reference Handouts– (review) Getting Started: Illustrator Workspace Basics and Shortcut keys (page one only).  You can study the shortcut key reference and use it as you work in class this Wednesday if they are not familiar to you.

sketchbook thumbnail

Example of one of 5 sketchbook thumbnails for compositional studies before deciding on final (2″ squares). These are the same objects I used for my contour drawing.

1.Laptop with CC Illustrator installed. You will start drawing in Adobe Illustrator this Wednesday. (Don’t forget to have your batteries fully charged)
2. Sketchbook
3. Bring in the four personal objects or photos of the objects
4. Pencils and eraser
Camera to take a photo of your positive/negative drawing done as a thumbnail sketch during class.
6. Your Learning Portfolio Address
 if it is not linked to your profile on Canvas.


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