For Week 4, Assignment 2: Positive-Negative Illustrator Drawing (2/12)

Note: You will be working on most of the assignment during class on Monday.
Positive/Negative drawing of your own objects and Museum piece (Use one of the thumbnails in your sketchbook and complete the hand drawing in letter = 8 1/2 x 11″ size.  Scan the drawing and place it in the scan or drawing folder on your desktop.)
Please read and follow all instructions below

1. Use one thumbnail that you like the most and create a large version, 8 1/2 x 11″ to use as a template and trace over in Illustrator. (No need to work on the Illustrator portion of your drawing until Monday)
2. You can review and practice using the handout of STEP-by-STEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR the PROJECT
Illustrator tools to use: layers, smooth
(I will show you in class), shapes, pen, direct select and convert anchor point tools (convert between round points and corner points).
Click on the link I made of a step-by-step visual document above to SEE how to create your version of the project using the drawing template I provided you through email in class. Again, this would be a practice session.

PROCESS to complete on your versionPlease scan or photograph your tight line drawing of the positive-negative composition, (3oo dpi). Create your final positive-negative drawing in Illustrator during class, not for homework. Review assignment sheet and positive-negative STUDENT REFERENCES.

SUGGESTIONS: (Be sure to resolve the compositional elements by balancing the black and white areas. Create interesting shapes in all regions of the drawing. Turn the picture to the side and upside down to see if all areas are balanced. Cater your composition, scale of 4 objects and museum sculpture, repetition, overlap, etc. to positive-negative problem-solving. Let some of the white areas run off the page to cut unusual shapes into black areas. Do not have lines between objects. When objects touch they join as one as you see in the student references.

1. Laptop with Illustrator CC installed
2. Sketchbook
3. All four personal objects or a photo


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