For Week 4, Assignment 2: Museum and 4 Personal Objects Hand Drawing/Painting, Collage and Illustrator Drawing (2/14)

Your current classmate Erin (Rin) Jones used different arrangements as solutions for her positive-negative and negative-positive project.

HOMEWORK for Wednesday
1. Please have your positive/negative Illustrator drawing finished. Please use proper naming conventions: positive_negative_your
2. Complete a version with white objects on a black background and another image with black objects on a white background.
For printing, purposes to occur later, save your ai document(s) as a separate pdf document.

3. If needed, review the handout of STEP-by-STEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROJECT: to SEE how to create your version of the project.

Illustrator tools to use: Template (place), 2 Layers (hand drawing-locked and another layer for drawing in Illustrator), Stroke, Fill, Smooth Tool (under pencil tool), Shapes tools, Pen tool, Select tool, Direct Select and Convert Anchor Point Tool (convert between round points and corner points).

DIGITAL TIPS for the Positive/Negative drawing: Try not to make too many anchor points. If you click off of the pen tool without finishing the total drawing and creating your final closed paths (close your path before creating a fill), hover your pen tool over the anchor point until you see the anchor point indicated, click and drag another handle out in the direction of your line and click and drag at the next point to keep drawing without stopping until you complete the drawing and close the total path. (Be sure you are connecting your anchor points to continue on the same path). After you finish the complete drawing, THEN go back and correct with the direct select and convert anchor point tools. (If you find any stray anchor points which have nothing to do with your drawing you can delete them with the select tool)

3. Go Digital Reference Handouts– (review) #3-8 Illustrator’s Pen Tool, (very helpful) Illustrator/Editing Paths, others as well…
Go to Digital Reference Videos– (review) Essentials of the Pen and Pencil Tools, and five videos before it as well…

4.  Create a third entirely different compositional drawing for the last image in the tryptic(Please create at least three thumbnails before deciding on the composition. We will look at them together in class before you create the final).

1. Mouse if you have one
2. Laptop with Illustrator CC installed
3. Sketchbook
4. Photos of all four personal objects
5. Materials for hand drawing, painting, (any black, gray and white medium you want) You can choose one color as well.

See you in class!

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