Assignment 3: Mark Making and Pattern Man (2/26)

Monday: Figure drawing from a model for first the part of the project.

Please READ this post carefully for details and all the way to the bottom where the requirements for what to bring to our next class are listed.

1. Finish and hand in all of your digital and hand applied changes
for the last project by Monday. Bring them to the next class and place them into your drive folder for grading by Monday morning.
*** All students who make changes based on suggestions from the critique will receive a HIGHER GRADE for their efforts.

2. Please post the project images, process, and written reflections onto your Learning Portfolio by Monday.
(refer to the LP page here on the blog for requirements and student reference links) It gives you questions to answer when writing, and examples of how to post from former student references. Show and talk about sketches, each of the three parts of the project and photos of the museum piece and your objects. Please do not just post the photos from the critique.  

3. Create seven sketchbook images on separate pages of an aspect you would like to practice. For example: If you have trouble drawing faces, draw faces. Other choices: You can also draw figures sitting, hands, feet, fabric, hats to prepare for the next assignment. (If confused email me with questions.) 

4. Research and gather seven cultural patterns for our next project beginning on Monday. Place them in your sketchbook as collaged and drawn swatches (squares). You can cut them out from printed magazines or the internet and draw them. Write down the culture and type of pattern under the swatches in your sketchbook as shown above. (These can take up as many pages as you can to fill the sketchbook). Examples of cultures can include Japan, China, India, Islamic, Medieval Europe, etc. One example can be from your culture.
Body decorations such as tattooing, jewelry, and different types of clothing can be included.


Look at the swatch examples gathered by former students in student references.

Your sketchbook; all drawing materials are listed (Bristol board paper, drawing medium, sharpies, etc.) on the top of the assignment sheetsPlease study the examples and instructions on the assignment sheet to be prepared for class.

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