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You can re-watch the 25th Anniversary of PSD commercial I showed in class on our Class Lecture page. (link) (See homework post below) HOMEWORK TO COMPLETE FOR CRITIQUE OF THE PHOTOSHOP PROJECT next Monday. Read all the way to the bottom of the post to be fully prepared: … Continue reading

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On Wednesday we will continue to work on the current project and finalize it by the end of class. Be sure to attend. All students are required to follow the guidelines of this assignment and include everything that is asked. HOMEWORK-TO … Continue reading

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Assignment 8: Audible Montage Narrative (4/24)

(Link to images by famous traditional collage artists appear on the Class Lecture Page). TO DO: Create these folders on your desktop and place all that you have into the appropriate place. Have all of the following ready, so you are … Continue reading

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TO DO:  HOMEWORK DUE START OF CLASS WEDNESDAY: 1. Work more on your color pencil drawing and finish it. 2. Complete the line drawing of your hand on the watercolor paper I provided, You can look at the anatomy of the hand … Continue reading

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Read all homework instructions under “TO DO” and “TO BRING ” in the post under this one. Under “TO BRING” It is very important to think about the song, musical group or story you would like to interpret in your … Continue reading

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There is a student workshop which applies to Drawing/Imaging this Tuesday, March 29th, 55 West 13th Street, Room 803. It is a Photoshop workshop (link to workshop post/page). Have fun learning skills that will apply to a future project. Color, photography and more. ***See what … Continue reading

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