Digital Reference Printing/Scanning/Laptops

Borrowing a Laptop and Digital Printing and Scanning Best Practices

laptop loaning machine

Print from any device and any location! More information here.

Available sites for printing:
There are a number of locations across the New School campus to output digital files. The Information technology page on printing facilities, policies and tips can be found here. Here is a list of New School print locations as of Fall 2016.

    • 2 west 13th street – 4th floor
    • 25 East 13th Street, 2nd and 3rd floors
    • 55 west 13th street – 8th floor
    • 63 5th Avenue (University Center) – 4th floor: U432
    • 63 5th Avenue (University Center) – U501
    • 63 5th Avenue (University Center) – Lower Level
    • 6 East 16th St. – 6th floor:  D6 Innovation Center
    • 6 East 16th St. – 7th floor:  D707
    • 6 East 16th St. – 8th floor:  D8 Study Center
    • 65 W 11th – B073