Digital Reference Videos


For all studentsWatch and follow the 7 videos below to assist with Photoshop in order to complete your Edible Object(s) composite project. They take you through all of the required steps as this project is developed. Review them to be sure you fulfill the requirements and complete the steps in the manner taught in our class. 

For advanced students: Add these processes/tools/techniques; color masking, dodge and burn, different forms of color correction to a photo, cloning and healing, work in 16 bits and take image back to 8 bits, play with color preferences and color settings for output devises, use a black and white adjustment layer and tint back to color in certain area, refined edges on selection, blur/gaussiun blur, and other

1. (Please use headphones for better listening)
Use “Photoshop Montage_Your Name_di_sp18” when naming your document. Your document will be 11 x 17″.

2. (Please use headphones for better listening)

3. (Please use headphones for better listening)

4. (Please use headphones for better listening)

5. (Please use headphones for better listening)

6. (Please use headphones for better listening)

7. (Please use headphones for better listening)

These are further video references from Adobe TV
1. Backgrounds and Layers Video

2. Adjustment Layers Video

3. Levels Adjustment Layer Video

4. Layer Masks

5. The Basics of Blending Modes Video

Image Size Dialog Box

ILLUSTRATOR (more will be added as the assignments develop)

Adobe Illustrator Help and Tutorials under “What’s New”, download the Illustrator Manual PDF

Adobe TV Illustrator   scroll down for listings

What is Illustrator CC

Essentials of the Pen and Pencil Tools

For Pattern Man Project:
Making, Scaling, Copying, Saving, Filling with, Editing a Pattern

Using the Rotation Tool