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If students need general assistance or need to have a machine reviewed to see if it meets the qualifications. There are walk-in hours in IT Central on the lower level of 72 5th Avenue, and they will review both PC and Mac laptops. They take walk-ins Mondays-Thursdays, 9:30 am-9:00 pm, Fridays, 9:00 am-7:00 pm, Saturdays, 9:00 am-5:00pm

Photoshop CS6 Help and Tutorials from Adobe Download the help PDF
Adobe Photoshop TV

For Montage Project: 
1. Important to understand for screen and print use: Image Size and Resolution 

2. Bitmap and Vector Graphics

3. Tools Panel

4.  SELECTIONS: (great handout on the best practices)
a. Quick Select Tool
b. Magic Wand



ILLUSTRATOR HANDOUTS (more will be added as the assignments develop)

Illustrator CS6 Help and Tutorials from Adobe Download the help PDF

  1. Getting Started:  Illustrator Workspace Basics

 Will help with learning more about all of the elements which surround and control your document. For now, focus on becoming familiar with the preset workspaces.
    a. For class: Please don’t switch the workspace set at Essentials as we will all be learning from the same workspace together.
    b. For class: When moving through the tools panel, practice with the shortcut keys. They appear on my handout and also as you scroll over the tool itself.
    c. For classPlease keep all panels open as they are easier to locate and move from one to the other.

2. Shortcut Keys
For positive/negative assignment: Use page one on shortcut keys

3. Important precision/measuring tools: Rulers, Guides, Grids

4. Create, select and manipulate objects: Illustrator Tools Panel

5. Different ways of selecting: Illustrator/Selecting Objects

6. Simple tools for beginners: Drawing Lines and Shapes

7. A very comprehensive guide: Illustrator’s Pen Tool

THIS IS A MUST READ-Great reference!
8. Working with paths, segments and anchor points (adding and deleting, smoothing, using the convert tool): Illustrator/Editing Paths

9. Overlapping objects: Combining Objects with Pathfinder
  a. For class: You can stick to two of the Pathfinder effects. 1. Shape Mode: Unite   2. Pathfinder: Divide (most important for value project)

10. Merging shapes easily: Creating Shapes with Shape Builder

11. A practice session with Various Brush Options

12. A help session with Curvature Pen Tool

For the Pattern Man Project:
11. Creating a mirror image: Using the Reflect Tool

12. Using and Creating Swatches

13. Painting with strokes or pattern strokes: Using the Blob Brush Tool

14. Create an Art Brush

15. How to work with brushes in Illustrator

16. Work with brushes in Illustrator | Adobe Illustrator CC tutorials