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Tracing Perspective Drawing with Figures and Grid (4-11)

Use your new handouts on making the perspective grid and placing people in perspective space handed to you on Monday to complete the problem-solving aspects of the assignment. BRING THE HANDOUTS TO EACH CLASS UNTIL THE ASSIGNMENT IS COMPLETED. TO … Continue reading

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Assignment 5: Analytical Study of the Torso (Wednesday, March 28)

TO BRING FOR OUR IN-CLASS FIGURE DRAWING ASSIGNMENT: Compressed charcoal vine charcoal  kneaded eraser Buy a piece of medium gray or medium beige charcoal or pastel paper HOMEWORK DUE WEDNESDAY Review the anatomy of the head and face lecture pages (linked … Continue reading

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Assignments 4: Portrait and Analytical Studies of the Head (3/26)

In-class Assignment: We will draw a portrait in chalk from a model. HOMEWORK:  Post the Pattern Project on your Learning Portfolio. (required for grading) These were the prompts given via Canvas email right before vacation: -What is a short overview … Continue reading

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Color Application (Wednesday, 3/7)

The following are several step-by-step and screenshot documents as promised. I hope they help. Use 4 or more new techniques. Please read the total post. ***STUDY THE HOMEWORK POST BELOW There are handouts and video links below to help you complete … Continue reading

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FINAL CRITIQUE OF MUSEUM TRYPTIC – Personal Exploration Through Sculptural and Personal Objects (Weds, February 21)

Finish and bring all parts of the project for the FINAL CRITIQUE (I am changing part of the syllabus listing as we will have the crit on Wednesday instead of working during class due to the holiday) ***HOMEWORK TO DO: is listed … Continue reading

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For Week 4, Assignment 2: Museum and 4 Personal Objects Hand Drawing/Painting, Collage and Illustrator Drawing (2/14)

HOMEWORK for Wednesday TO DO: 1. Please have your positive/negative Illustrator drawing finished. Please use proper naming conventions: positive_negative_your name_di_sp18.ai 2. Complete a version with white objects on a black background and another image with black objects on a white background.negative_positive_your name_di_sp18.ai … Continue reading

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