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On Wednesday we will continue to work on the current project and finalize it by the end of class. Be sure to attend. All students are required to follow the guidelines of this assignment and include everything that is asked. HOMEWORK-TO … Continue reading

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Final Step to Complete for the Coloring Book Project, due Friday, March 17

HOMEWORK: TO DO: Complete this task by Friday, March 17th at the latest. I am not giving you homework over the break so complete it before the break. Submit all color, black and white documents with any needed corrections from suggestions … Continue reading

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Here is a simple step-by-step I made for you. I hope it helps if you are stuck when drawing and saving the patterns. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO THE STEP-BY-STEP document for making patterns. ***STUDY THE HOMEWORK POST BELOW

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To clarify: I did not show you how to add mixed media to your final value project because I wanted to leave it open.  Print out the value portion done in Illustrator. Save one print out to show in class. … Continue reading

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