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Continuation of Pattern Man Project for Monday, 3/5

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO THOROUGHLY READ THE POST BELOW ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM. USE the notes you took during class and the handout I gave you near the end of class which covers all the steps I went … Continue reading

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Assignment 3: Mark Making and Pattern Man (2/26)

IN CLASS Monday: Figure drawing from a model for first the part of the project. Please READ this post carefully for details and all the way to the bottom where the requirements for what to bring to our next class are listed. HOMEWORK DUE ON … Continue reading

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For Week 4, Assignment 2: Positive-Negative Illustrator Drawing (2/12)

HOMEWORK: Note: You will be working on most of the assignment during class on Monday. Positive/Negative drawing of your own objects and Museum piece (Use one of the thumbnails in your sketchbook and complete the hand drawing in letter = … Continue reading

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Week 3, Assignment 2: Exploration Through Sculpture and Personal Objects-Part 2, Positive/Negative Drawing (2/7)

HOMEWORK Please read and follow all instructions below TO DO: 1. Finish and bring in the hand-drawn contour pen image (you can take a photo as well) you worked on during our last class. 2. Create 3-5 quick thumbnail sketches to get ideas for the … Continue reading

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For Week 3, Assignment 2: Contour Drawing Continued (2/5)

HOMEWORK: TO DO: 1. Please complete the graphite drawing(s) of the four personal objects with the Brooklyn Museum sculpture added to the composition and narrative. In other words, you now have five objects in total. Finalize the image in pencil lines to … Continue reading

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For Week 2, Assignment 2: Brooklyn Museum Visit (2/31)

We will visit the Brooklyn Museum ON WEDNESDAY to prepare for the next part of the assignment. You will travel there on your own. Therefore, we will meet in the Museum entrance. Please arrive by 12:30. LOCATION: 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn TRAIN: … Continue reading

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For Week 2, Assignment 2: Self-Portrait Through the Observation of Personal Objects (1/29)

HOMEWORK: (TWO SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENTS)  The sketchbook which came in your First Year Materials Kit is the small black book with blank pages. Canson 180 Degree Hardbound Sketchbook, 80 sheets, size = 8.3″x11.7″. You can work in this one or another of your choice. … Continue reading

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